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The absolute state of IP2 ! (
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  • SJC walking into the house uninvited, getting into it with sam pepper then gets slapped by EBZ

  • Mexican andy showing up uninvited and had to sleep outside in a tent

  • Blades first on stream appearance. Blades first firesales. Blade shit and pissed the couch for the first time

  • DJ Panz crazy shenanigans. DJ flashing dick in peoples faces on stream. DJ getting kicked and joining up with SJC and his brother

  • The whole SJC/DJ/SJC Brother vs the streamer house saga (SJC brother peeling out in the driveway)

  • EBZ vs Broke Malone fight

  • Clowning on TSA

  • DJ falling off the golf cart

  • Ice/Sam vs SJC and Linda finale with guns

there's so much more that I don't remember. We really didn't know how good we had it back then. Just compare all of that content to what we have now.

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Carl you know who this is

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