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Does that include hunting as a sport?

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whites are the most violent. Blacks may be the most aggressive, but aggression and violence are not the same thing. there are many more white people who abuse their spouse and children.

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Lmao This was posted by someone who either is white and has only ever been around white people mostoy or who is black and only been around black people mostly their whole life. Which a lot of people don’t know that this is the majority of America

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Btw I did not know this was majority of America until I went in the army. I was one of the very few who talked to people NOMATTER their race. I heard from more blacks than not the first white person they ever interacted with in real life was when they joined the army. The same Vice verse can be said about the vast majority of white people I met in the army and for those that don’t know there is people there from almost every state in the country on active duty