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yowhereismymask 2 points ago +2 / -0

Don't buy it for a minute. Apparently her sister knows about all her "online porn" and it is the main reason why the family wants nothing to do with her because her entire "story" regarding why she does it revolves around complete and total lies. Her sister (one of them) said they grew up in a trailor park (yes...lol) however, they had a great childhood and nothing that would result in her sister becoming a pathological liar that creates an entire fake life filled with fake traumas because she is in desperate need of attention. She said IF anything HAD HAPPENED FOR REAL, Lilian (Jewel) would have never been ALONE as quick as she was, slept with all these dudes, had two kids than neglected them to get more attention and then give them up for good. Her sister said Jewel is basically a GREAT LIAR and seeks attention that way because she grew up watching Maury, Jerry, etc. since she never went to school, and realized that was the fastest way to get "validation" - she said pretty much anything she says is a total lie and wants nothing to do with her ever. She said their Mom checks in from time to time because if not, their daughter would legit make up abuse lies (she has saying she tried to kill her when young lol) and she would lose yet ANOTHER OF HER JOBS because staff saw her daughters shit online. Tread online, even her "mental illness" may not be real either.

Real1 1 point ago +1 / -0

Perhaps her sister is a liar. Or perhaps she was molested as a child and people refused to believe her so she BECAME a liar because nobody believed the truth and they forced her to lie. Common story.

Nobody lives that lifestyle and chooses to give up their kids and have an abusive husband if they had a great and happy life.