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did I say hes wrong? for someone who uses EBZ comparisons as an insult, it's pretty funny they would respond so angrily to something that shouldn't trigger such emotions, reminds me of someone named EBZ

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tell me more about how it infuriates you. im not even american, sue me

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imagine being this mad

some nobody low-tier judge

dont disrespect jeff like this

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it was most likely chief justice John Roberts who shut him down. The buttfucker thing must've offended him

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not gonna lie this guy's downward spiral makes for some good side content

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what have Israel's muslim enemies built ? The only thing Islam has brought the world is death, decay and the brainwashing of billions, sending the middle east way backwards over the course of 15+ centuries

ironic how it's always the nationalists who complain about other nationalists who are only doing exactly what they would do in the same situation

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don't think she got pulled over. She flagged the police down so they could kick out Nano and Captain out of her car

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underneath the scuff and the meth, nano is an angel

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how about not having sex with this reddit tranny and waiting until you are married instead

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already a clip of him on the front page, now its only inevitable. don't fight the pain, just relax and enjoy the ride. you'll be okay

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washed up, unfunny faggot.

sounds like he'll fit right in

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this has potential for content overload

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this is a child desperately seeking a father figure. many cases like her nowadays, sad.

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he still fails to realize that he is only alone because he abandoned the only people who had his back, his viewers, all so he can get in with the twitch streamers who will never accept him because they all know who he really is no matter how hard he larps as a reformed sjw.

btw he was crying as he typed all that

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