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you retards call everything a conspiracy

injecting a concoction of poisonous chemicals

lol, stopped reading your nonsense there. Go back to highschool and get your diploma bud

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LOL keep believe your conspiracies dumbass. You're here posting a video of a dude that had an allergic reaction to a vaccine, which is a known side effect. Do you see every single person that gets vaccinated have this kind of reaction? Or any negative reaction at all for that matter?

You call me braindead but it's pretty clear your ability to think isn't there.

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I believe allergic reactions are listed as a risk of the vaccine retard.

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Is there a clip of the incident in question?

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looool I was just thinking the same thing. This bitch looks like she's on opioids herself.

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Do you have that meme video of him doing croag ups to some weird music? That was a good one

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2k is enough for him to move out? how tf does this retard not have 2k to his name.

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Lmao i was just wondering the same thing... Was it a hate crime or was the jogger simply trying to burgle the young man

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Who was that fag a while back that kept doing the same and ended up making his own sub to house his ramblings like that?

I wonder if it's the same guy that's back.

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You would think the mountains surrounding the city would give it away, and if not that, the japanese architecture.

He still hasn't figured it out lol

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thats paris you idiot

The american school system has failed you, son.

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If you don't realize he's in it for the money (like everyone else in this world) you're an idiot.

The sooner you faggots realize that instead of worry about x person lying, the better off you'll be.

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