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this the first time I ever seen fileup not working since ive started using it

try the mirror bot catbox link

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Last I heard she was now working with Pink Sparkles Media LLC

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PyramidsAreBorring is the faggot who doxxed Bakeds streamer house and was celebrating when the cops showed up, cuz he was triggered that dope was invited, dude is a actual no life loser and a doxxer who has been lurking the community for the better part of a year now cuz he got banned for being a faggot doxxer and cop caller


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SJW Blade seething

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Dodging the point, are you a newfag who doesnt know people spamming SJW and Antifa over hippie faggots, Queers and Dykes is an old meme in the community or not?

Next you gonna get triggered at people spamming show feet

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People have spammed "antifa" when ever some tranny fags appear on stream for years, what are you a newfag or something

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People spaming antifa when ever some trannts or fags show up on stream has happened for years, these leftist cucks trying to use YOBA as a scapegoat to stop people from shitting on them is blatant as fuck

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Thats something that always been a part in the community, dating back to piss trolling antifa fags years ago


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streamable staff confirmed all .win communities are banned from using their site happened right after january 6th shit, they not looking at our community individually to see if our mods are political or not lol


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https://videy.co/ is the donald run alternative for streamable since they started removing and banning all accounts from .win

also catbox.moe

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if it was striked it would say it was removed for copyright claim not for violating tos

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if it was striked it would say it was removed for dmca claim, it was removed cuz streamable removes and bans accounts that post to .win since the january 6th incident

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Think his name was Ryan he was an actor for some normie YouTube channel called thedailydropout but they deleted all the videos he was in from their channel

Kimberlee not a youtube clout whore btw

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nah I though he got cut cuz he had a motorcycle accident

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Trying to destroy him BTW, we could give 2 shits about this faggot he was removed cuz the community wanted him removed, then we got shit on by the community when we tried to add him back cuz he begged us on twitter with dozens of DM's and we took pity on him,

all he had to do was put the IP2 watermark that he said he would add to his streams if we added him back (we didnt suggest it he was the one who came up with this idea) but the little worm couldnt even do that

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