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This is the clip that is pinned videy.co version instead of catbox.moe https://videy.co/v?id=yFy9Od2u

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bro dont lie you whiteknighted for that pedo time after time, ever other week u made a post about him being "troll king" with that cringe crown

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You where okay with defending a mod who asked for CP and said to kill kids but I took it too far huh...

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all good just remember none of those users u tagged did shit for u, it was u announcing your previous alt, the thing I asked you to do like 3 days ago because u had ties to a user banned for encouraging the murder of children

next time dont waste my time for 3 days


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Thanks for finally announcing who your previous alt was, you where temp-banned for protecting a former user who spammed accounts asking for cp and encouraging the murder of children, hope u can understand


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I thought I was a burger planet alt?

i likes being compared to that chad more

Mer Mer Mer Mer Mer

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You never know what you have tills its gone u/#pepeh

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Gypsy had over 1k when he streamed on it but it would lag constantly, to be fair trovo couldnt handle bakeds last stream either and everyone had to switch to 480p just to watch it

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Trovo is kind of dogshit hopefully he moves to bitwave, no gay rules atleast and can rewind the vod without a channel sub

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He may be up for it, you should try to get in contact with Casey and see if he can help set something up for you

If not with EBZ im sure he can figure something else out

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Stream with EBZ you can show him your music and collab on a future project


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