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I'll say it again. While IP2 was attacked by some pdf files posting sick stuff, there was a person defending with a passion the idea of logs being private. That person became a mod after a week or so. Figure it out...

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Pissboi, Blade and Brandon are also Italians. This country knows how to provide degenerate content.

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This. OP is obviously a newfag trying to show how much of a hardcore IP2 nigga he is. Real IP2 niggas just want to see ice back to his monkey cage again. Who tf cares if he loves IP2 or not? That's gay af lmao

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Mod logs disabled -> few days later u/therightstuff was modded. Coincidence.

Him defending this censorship from day one is also a coincidence.

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I was watching the stream and someone started spamming "KILL ALL FUCKING NIGGERS". I instantly knew it was some IP2 faggot lmao Gotta love this community haha

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Mods were posting explicit material from their alts for the sole purpose of disabling the logs. You have no idea the lengths they will go to censor this site.

IP2ModsAreFaggots 6 points ago +7 / -1

yeah... blatant abuse. Bring back mod logs FAGGOTS

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