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removed from .online but dickriders still post him here

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about 1/4 blacks commit a felony so its more like 3.5/50

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cant even get the site to load

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imagine watching a desktop andy who doesnt do anything worth watching

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they way he said it with the camera man right there, its going in the documentary 100%

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lol that was funny, the guy following him around with the camera never even recorded stuff you could tell because the red light was never on

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it most definitely will come up if they interviewed baked and loulz, they attended rallies and livestreamed it which is a major part of it for baked at least

and they also livestreamed with figures like kami at political rallies, and you have arrested people like gypsy who also streamed and got posted here

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piss boi going to kill himself when the documentary comes out and they see he called him a white supremacist

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mar 1 2021 btw

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imagine even seeing his stream. he isnt on .online youre a .network watching faggot

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My time with IP2 had come to an end. During our time together, I had learned about their general cynicism and misanthropy, but also their irreverent, self-deprecating style of humor and their ability to show compassion toward those who shared their idea of "contont". What had started as a journey into the "dark side of the internet" had become a poignant investigation into the lives of wayward young men. With no community to fall back on and plenty of free time to spend streaming, they had forged a network not out of common interests but a common sense of displacement. Although they have been attacked in the media as nazis, racists, and nihilists, the picture I was presented with was one of loneliness and desperation. I finally realized that the "Internet hate machine" hates nothing more than itself.

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hes developing his own armalite rifle "AR" for when he finally snaps

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The clip is from after they filmed at the mansion and the whole sam pepper/cass snapchat clip went viral about Ice trying to assault her last year

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before ice goes to bed he checks under his bed for creepers

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Im looking at his mentions, he isnt getting much love at all lol most people just telling him to fuck off

Theres a couple people who think all his racist shit is from <2018 and since then hes been a good boy lol

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nah he still thinks theres a chance because he likes to pretend every big streamer on twitch pities him when hes just an inconvenience for them

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