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I think she was literally a slave

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Its a big deal because nigger bitches are so ugly, its a big enough deal for a nigger to stage tik-toks with your 4/10 white skank

Probably makes black bitches sadder than anyone

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Oh im not clicking any links on a topic like this, post your own thread if you have proofs

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Idk why they are rare as fuck they were at Walmart once but never again

I use them pointed into my pc case and keeps a few degrees cooler, so no sale

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CP weather real, anime’s or jail bait trolling, is the kind of shit that ruins this place for all of us

no streamer will want that association

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Can’t a site admin report him to law enforcement and put a stop to it, the CP bait and pedophile accusations are out of control have turned ip2 into toxic waste dump to be avoided

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Awe Ye I’ve been craving one of these

(Edit) nevermind its just another nigger livestreaming

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Immm an at-lanta nigger and i wanna be free

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Welcome to nigger and faggot America

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whites should pay for niggers problems

Yeah no thanks maybe go back to Africa

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Im sick of niggers being murdering pieces of shit

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