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Yes great idea, I admnite all the people you involve in this project. Would be awesome if y'all could just drop a single message :) Hassanjai is really something special in basketball :) :)

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id lick the sweat out of her asscrack and pay for it

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hes losing his shit lmao hes having a manic episode

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You are on NA right? nigga if you were on EU id get you in my mythic raid guild lol

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When I go back 8 years when I was 14 years old I still couldn't imagine putting up with mizkif. It really baffles me that he is so succesful... good for him I guess.

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Saying cards are a bad investement is retarded, you forget there are 100.000 autists that fight over mint condition cards..

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Legit question: Why do people watch mizkif???? It is so alien to me that this guy gets views, all I see is a biseksual with crooked eyebrows and an egghead being a desktop andy... He must be doing SOMETHING right though that im missing, what is it?

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The most narcissistic ppl livestreaming are the most obvious, this guy is next lvl. Imagine having 3 kids and he just goes away every day streaming himself livestreaming buffets yikes.

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He is one fucked up boi, imagine sending active death threats which is illegal on the internet to be stored into infinity with your face showing. No eyebrow moron. This is the type of dude that gets FBI on our asses.

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