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i remember it was an open concept kitchen there was no doors on every entrance way to the kitchen and the one side there was no wall it was open concept and a few stairs leading down. I do believe that they do have gay bum sex for sure 100% but this story seems fabricated

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theyre all fags.Most irl streamers on ip2 are for sure gay. Even Bjorn admitted to getting a bj from pete plastic and he said its not gay cause Pete isnt a man he says pete is a girl

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'you wont debate me and you know nothing about the gay faggy shit called philosophy or drums. I can shadow box and never been in a fight, and when i get pressed on camera or pepper sprayed i pussy out and then go home and say how much i could of won because i romantically caressed your wrists'

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why do these faggots all wear matching sun glasses? and of course the most gay looking ones at all

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attila got blown out this time

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just like they cut hair off to steal power not because the were dirty lice infested slaves

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i bet she thinks christians are fags to

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your more obsessed with black people then actual people who hate them, you might need therapy

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