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I'm not even saying every Yoba stream needs to be top tier content or that it's his fault this stream was so boring. the intent of this post is to correct the retards on here who are calling that old hack a content king and obsessing over him, it's mind boggling like these weirdos really are pretending like they're dating Sami and are thinking to themselves they have a cool future father in law. it's weird. people need to stop glorifying this shit content or thats all we will get in the future

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you just randomly came across some fat guy sitting in his room with 4 viewers? lmao!! I think you just exposed your youtube account. You look just as I imagine

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I'm not even saying Yoba is bad, just this stream was boring as shit. And you're right to compare him to captain content because captain would do the exact same thing and follow around some crazy girl for weeks because shes a dono magnet

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oh he fell off a bed add him to IP2 and set up his stream labs. you faggots just like him because you pretend he's your father. there is some ulterior motive, no way someone can be genuinely entertained by this old drunk. literally go to a gas station or anywhere in a city that isn't the burbs or wherever bumpkin empty town you live in and you'll find 10 of these fags roaming around asking for cigs

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of course he takes it, he even tries the "ohh nooooo" (as he puts the money down immediately). his body language alone lets you know he's a piece of shit

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I agree on the crazy people part. I remember this one guy used to make mentally ill obsessive Cassandra "appreciation" posts every single day for over a year straight until one day he accidentally posted one on his main account and exposed himself .. oh wait that was Evoken.. or on the saiddit how there was one guy who was exposed by Magnora7 to having close to 100 accounts and posted nonstop on all of them, even at times arguing with himself... oh wait that was gofurself2

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the guy was talking about you niggerbrain, you're the mod with all the alts posting as multiple people

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its literally you and Pedomids who added that 4 viewer pedo faggot. You probably trade CP with him

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both those prices sound correct, RVs are expensive as shit on the west coast because so many people are homeless

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the point about Boneclinks is no one from THIS COMMUNITY wanted to watch him.. all his viewers are weirdo German people who like his faggy PG low brow desktop content. this is a nation of people who were aggressively socially corrected for generations since the downfall of the Nazi regime.

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the thing is, people DO watch captain content so if I included him some fag would reply and say "PeOpLE Do WaTcH CapTaIN cOnTeNt so yOuR pOiNt iS iNvAlid".. he literally bought an rv with 17k cash he made off this community and is always #1 on the list when no one popular is streaming. you faggots voted for this

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Its one thing to add him to ip2 but to viewbot for him is a new low

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What is the actual URL to get there? www.canva.com is a completely different site

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Ice left because he scammed a company (Stream.me) out of $500,000 and received a large cut of that. Sam left because no one watched that faggot (and still doesn't: his tik tok is popular because of his GF he records/exploits) so he was left with a dead chat and viewbots. Imagine thinking Blade left, he was banned. He would have been back doing garage paypig streams trying to milk every last quarter he can get from fake donos and viewbots. This community is notoriously shitty to those who are notoriously shitty at providing content

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