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If i could snap my fingers and replace all black ppl with Asians, I would. Asians are way better than niggers.

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They really went out and found the most deformed nigger to fuck Jewel lmao

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Where's the clip of him saying he wants to go to Africa and pay to kill ppl?

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Ip2 doesn't swat ppl... That's fucked up. We are racists tho. So what? Being racist is cool and Ice should know...

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Uh... No.... Fuck off. People openly planning and talking about committing terrorist attacks are not welcome on IP2 you stupid fucking nigger

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Erin is a retard. And even if a retard stumbles their way into success, they're bound to stumble their way out of it just as quick. Erin is the type of girl who just blows where the wind takes her, completely brain fried with no free will. Tbh I wish she was still around. I think she'd have some funny interactions with the current cast members. I wanna see Alice try to fight her. Her and Goocheese would be funny too, they both talk like Valley Girls and could call each other "betch".

Somebody should set out to find her. Just tell Captain there's some shekels in it and he'll do it. I even have her address... Or at least her mom's address. That's where she was living 2-3 years ago.

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Ya I don't get it dude.

There's a difference between dogging on somebody and then actively trying to ruin them. Like, this community has always talked shit. It's fun to talk shit and make fun of ppl. The streamers know how to laugh it off. It's not a big deal, it's all fun and games.

But then there are these niggers who genuinely want other ppl to stop streaming and leave the community... And those fucking retards don't realize that they're the ones who don't belong. They're over here on their knees hoping and praying that Hampton Brandon comes back, thinking Blade is gonna pick up the bottle and go on another RV trip... They think Casey will actually follow through with anything lmao. There isn't a single active streamer they don't hate... So like why are they even here? Cuz the past is the past and it's not coming back. Motherfuckers are like heroin addicts chasing that first ever hit... It's gone retards, you're never gonna feel that way ever again.

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You think? Uh huh then explain: https://ip2always.win/p/12jccfkp4J/ideal-rv7-cast-everyone-who-didn/

Nano and Speedy... So the girl who gets like 20 viewers when she streams and the guy who doesn't stream with any sort of consistency.

And y'all hate Captain, Chicken, and Malice... Aka the only 3 ppl who you could count on to go live every day and film the content. Those the people y'all hate... The ppl who make it all happen... Lmao.

Too many of you faggot niggers come to this website out of habit. It's all you've known for years now. It's the only place where you feel like your part of a community. And that wouldn't be such a bad thing if not for the fact that you don't even like it anymore. If you hate the new generation of streamers, why the fuck do you stick around? Just fucking go and find a better way to waste your life until you die alone in your bedroom. The old Ice crew? They're gone, not coming back. Blade and Bjorn? Essentially retired. What you see now is what we're gonna have for a while now, before they get burnt out and pass the torch over to another group of streamers that you'll hate.

And you especially are a huge faggot. Cuz everyone else is just bitching about a community they don't like anymore, but you're over here moderating it lmao. That's way worse

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Says the faggot who hangs around on a website where he just endlessly bitches and moans like a woman about a community he doesn't enjoy anymore.

All you favorite streamers are gone and they're not coming back you stupid nigger. If you don't like the current cast of streamers, then maybe you should just fuck off and stop coming here. How pathetic do you gotta be to waste precious time that you're never gonna get back on shit you don't like, lmao.

You aren't IP2 anymore. It's ok. Move on

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I wonder why you faggots even stay around tbh, you're clearly not happy with the direction of the community so just go the fuck away lmao.

If you don't like anybody on the RV right now, who the fuck do you like?

Blade? He's done. He's not going to be the same streamer he used to be. Just fucking move on you faggot.

Bjorn? Same story. Bjorn isn't even content unless he's around people. And he isn't coming to America any time soon.

Hampton Brandon? Hasn't streamed seriously in fucking YEARS at this point. You've got to the biggest faggot if you're holding out on his return lmao.

Casey and his butt buddy Demon Andy? Again, they don't care about streaming. They'll put on a single show for you like 2 times a year at this point lmao. Casey isn't doing another RV, deal with it.

Carl? His shit is 99% boring, this fag really thought ppl wanted to watch him drive around lmao. His only content has been sniping ppl (not even on his own stream) and crashing his car. And even if he was invited to the RV, everyone was so disappointed with his performance last time why would it be any different now?

Sanchez? If he comes back, he ain't gonna be the same and if he does try to do the same shit again, that aren't gonna go easy on him like they are now. Might as well just cross him off.

Are you YOBA gang? Woozuh, Loulz, all those faggots? Ya I don't even need to say anymore about that... Everyone knows

I don't know who else you'd be itching to watch tbh. Just face the facts: the current RV represents the most popular IP2 streamers. If you don't like them, maybe you just aren't IP2 anymore

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Also u should do different writing styles. U can tell it was the same person writing both sides of the conversation b/c of how similar the styles are. Punctuation, word choice, no capital letters, etc.

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RV trip burned out. It's all coming to an end. Get used to it, about to be a content drought for another 3 months.

by L3aked
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If you ain't putting your dick in her at the end of the day why the fuck are you putting up with her bullshit

E-dating is the most retarded thing a man can ever do. "oh but she sends me nudes"

Google "boobies" nigger

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Who gives a shit. Is she gonna post her nudes or not cuz that's all that matters on IP2, this is not the place for dumbass e-dating drama. Post nudes or STFU

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He's going after the wrong types of girls. Beach girls want hunks, not skinny lil goth boys. Put JJ in the right environment with some emo bitches and he'd have bitches slobbing on his knob while you cry in the corner lil nigger

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“Short for "traditional wife." Used in alt-right circles to refer to women that embody traditionally feminine and wifely qualities (submissiveness, chastity, willingness to do household chores, etc).”

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