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IRL conditions included self-filming and being on other streams.

Ultimately it depends on how much the faggot judge dilated that week.

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Kokhan just threw above 80m, crazy shit. He threw 80m+ when he was 18 (he's just 20 now). He's also very small, 1.80m / 103kg. Most hammer throwers peak technique wise in their 30s and can throw at peak performance into their late 30s.

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This is going to be wild. Yesterday Poland got Gold & Bronze in the female hammer (Polish Gold thrower was first woman in history to get Gold in a sport in 3 consecutive Olympics)

My bet is on:

Gold: Faydek Silver: Nowicki Bronze: Bigot

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Didn't this retard literally kill someone driving negligently in an accident?

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In Canada they're setting up portable vaccine stations at bars, get a free pint if you get the vax. They even make you sign a liability waiver lmfao, purposely showing up to bars and getting drunk people to sign liability waivers and get them to take a vaccine while they're wasted, this whole thing has turned into a collective moral panic, everyone is schizophrenic now

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in australia you're only allowed to travel like 2km outside your home now. he was going to run an errand with his wife and had a knapsack, and he also had a bag of medications including one he has to take if he has an attack and he also had a puffer. god watch the fucking video

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Stress can cause seizures, strokes, heart attack, etc. He also carried around a bag of meds for his condition. You don't carry around blood pressure meds if you're going for a short walk.

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Any female that uses Tinder fucks 10+ random STD ridden cocks a week or gets dopamine hits from all the matches but never ever responds

First thing you ever do is scan a girls phone to see if they have a dating app, and if they do dont use them as anything but a cum dumpster

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He might as well bust out the Pink high heels to complete the look

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Women but they purposely fucked up their lifts so they did not finish and came in last to bitch about how transphobic weightlifting is. lmfao

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Tranny did it on purpose, now fucking weightlifting is going to be branded as transphobic even though an actual genetic female BTFO'd him and set Olympic Records in the Snatch, CJ and total.

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I was shocked that the USA put in a tranny. But its Biden's America after all lmfao

All Europeans are like WTF with these freaks

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