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Find a girl who looks at you like...she is absolutely disgusted by your freakish appearance.

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Lol. People were posting her Instagram so I took a peek. Baked has about a decade on her. Hope she doesn't go to his wikipedia.

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Baked said he gonna fly your ass down there to make some contont. Might take you to the spot where he slapped the shit out of you for some donos.

For real though. Fuck Baked. He just wants you down there because he can't make his own content and is gonna leech every minute out of you.

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Lol. Ain't that the truth.

Real talk though, TRS. What is stopping you from going live with Baked and showing Woozuh and Loulz what a real YOBA Yes Man looks like? You remember when Trump would say to the niggers to get their vote, "what do you have to lose?" What do you honestly have to lose? Redeem yourself. Go IRL.

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hahahhaa faggit. You got pranked. Nobody gonna clip your ass when Baked talks shit about how much ip2 "sucks."

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Spoken like a man who has lived his entire adult life grifting from one community to the next.

Maybe being removed from the network will make him a little more grateful and he can beg to be let back on.

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She is on camera stating multiple times that she is Jewish by blood through her mother and has birthright citizenship to Israel.

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Because the person who made this comment is nine and that's how he thinks the world works.

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Once Baked can teach her to stop saying she is Jewish by blood. Even the groypers are waking up to the fact that her being raised Catholic means nothing when Ashkenazi blood runs through her veins.

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She is Jewish by blood through her mother and that's all that matters.

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This asshole Panda guy is posting images of Nano that are slander at best.

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Pointing shit out like that is gonna keep this faggit from ever posting again, so hush hush.

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What really matters is that she will believe that's how Captain sees her and start demanding more money.

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In b4 Loulz starts selling a shirt with this graphic on it.

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