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Gof supported pedophiles like Ewok and I’m pretty sure he has been attacking the site with CP. He was banned and for the last few months everyday has been here on a different everyday alt spamming mod mail and sending mods dogshit he’s much more than just ban happy, he’s literally mentally damaged

Also therightstuff isn’t the top mod he’s just one of the most active moderators, whether he has an agenda or not, I doubt it but anything’s possible here. He seems normal in mod chat, but anyone can put up a front

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He replaced Gof, no one replaced pyramids

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Too late, they already have all your information and are currently building a case and are currently finalizing the last few edits.

They’re probably on their way now...

It is now ILLEGAL to post on IP2

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dont say 12 year olds are looking like "snacks" freak

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he swallowed glass LOL

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This is so memeable someone make this a reaction meme and spread it like wildfire

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everyone on the network is associated with pedocord unfortunately

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It isn’t 13 is more than old enough to be aware of how wrong animal abuse is

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If 4chan had live streamers catering for them

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Impossible to explain in words, you had to be here. And from here on out welcome I guess, we have our own live streamers and make them perform like circus monkeys for 5 dollar donations. We used to be bigger but there’s kinda a content drought rn, since you use .win you’re probably familiar with baked Alaska. He associates with us.

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Attila Geezer Blade Bjorn SS, Dope, Demon, Goocheese Chicken and Alice = content.

Fuck morals cancel me I want all the drama bullshit and autism

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That’s usually how it always is, people usually hate on the people that create content because IP2 hates on everything that becomes the main focus of something.

It’s hard to describe in words and honestly what I said isn’t even 50% of what I was trying to say.

How do I put it? People usually shit on streamers for creating the things that we like to watch because it’s usually morally wrong. We all loved the groper saga but shit on blade 24/7

Alice, Attila, OGNL, Loulz, Baked, Chicken, SJC, Goocheese, they all usually make content that we enjoy but because we enjoy dogshit we rate it as dogshit.

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If he becomes associated with IP2 I say we leave his daughter outta the memes, she’s been unlucky enough. Pretty sure she’s either deaf or has autism too, sad

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posted on R/roastme and made his past mainstream lmfao retard

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