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Mexican Andy says goodbye and zooms away on the scooter his girlfriends parents bought him*

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The very rare occasion where IP2 bots are called to action, get this shit to the twitch front page

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An alcoholic setting up a swimming pool in his living room. What could possibly go wrong...

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This was taken shortly after Loulz gave him his first tour of IP2

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Kev doesn't have time for SJC's mental illness, he's got a buffet to get to

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I thought her story arc was over but then i noticed that demonic looking cat in the background. Maybe it will kill her in her sleep or something i recall it already rubbing its shitty asshole in her face whilst she was sleeping a while back.

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Loving the new Omeagle clips. Watching normies react to shit we've become accustomed to is hilarious

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