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Jews committing genocide? LOL. are you trolling?

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This is a irl forum ? I thought it was a alt right neo nazi hate group

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Is there anything more pathetic than being a white nationalist? Virtually every claim you throw onto others can be attributed to you as well.

You claim non whites are mass immigrating to your country, yet you have mass immigrated to the americas and australia, replacing the native population You claim non whites are violent yet your race has committed unspeakable acts of violence against non whites and yourselves You claim jews promote degeneracy onto your country when its whites who do the same to non white countries You claim you are the most humane for the planet while you consume the most meat and use the most electricity and power You claim white women mixing with non white men is a result of subversion and degeneracy yet you are happy with white men mixing with non white women You claim you are the smartest yet when asians outcompete you, you resort to saying they are stealing your jerbs

Maybe you aren't universally hated because of da joos, but because you have shitty arguments. Maybe if you come out of the ip2 bubble you'd realize how fucking ridiculous you really are. We're all laughing at you.

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did chicken forget when he got maxed out on fremont st by the street performer

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i agree, woozuh still has my respect for at least throwing hands like a man

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I will personally donate 6 months of free hosting for this site the day we get footage of baked Alaska finally getting maxed out

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They have some kind of control over what channels are allowed to be viewed on devices

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Not fake news at all. Google is banning a ton of channels right now. Baked , nick and loozuh will be next

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The only person that looks sus in this whole situation is baked

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Projecting much. The only nigger is you

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