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Treetop, I don't know what to tell you bud. Waiting is just stupid... but I guess at least you're not one of the ones waiting for the government to give out free $$$ to take it.

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Most of the posters now weren't around for the Sweet Erin era so that joke must not go over that well.

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What kind of "man" calls himself Vixen?... unless you're a faggot like Petey.

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10 people.. So that means the majority of IP2 doesn't want to see it.

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Someone posted a screenshot from Ice's Discord where he says him and TTSA are going to Iceland.

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The vaccine is about stopping the spread to others and I'm pretty sure if there was some sort of study on the vaccinated who are catching the Delta, most of them probably more than likely had the J&J vaccine which is about 20% less effective than the other two.

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That's why the only ones ending up in the hospital these days are the unvaccinated... but hey whatever you say.

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You do realize that in order for you to have gone to elementary, highschool, college, etc.. or get any sort of education you had to get mandatory vaccines for certain diseases right?

This really isn't up for debate. People who don't get the vaccine are selfish and are not some badass rebels by not getting it.

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TRS is such a pussy he has to hide his voice on his little "expose" videos. lmao

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Israel Study... Yeah, that's real believable!

Even your god Trump said get the vaccine.

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Good. Better jobs for the rest of us smart ones who got the vaccine!

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