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I know she’s a streamer retard, assaulting a fan sounds worse and would be better click bait.

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I’m ip banned from Reddit but if anyone has an account and wants to post a perfect title for it would be “Popular Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon caught trying to sexually assault a fan”

Even though he wasn’t on twitch at the time I’m sure the bad PR will crush any chance at an unban

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Yeah I’m dming it to a tonne of the Stan accounts that have lots of followers so they’ll post it lol

Edit- if anyone else wants to spread the clip around Minecraft Twitter feel free lol

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We should let the Minecraft kids know that Karl Jacobs supports a man who believes he has the right to sexually assault women.

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Piss Boi can’t handle honestly, he made himself an outcast and is trying to blame others for his own actions.

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Piss Boi has no idea what friendship actually is, Fagkif always supported him through the years https://streamable.com/bsbgr5 and now piss has just stabbed him in back by leaking his dms and talking shit lol

The retard just turned on the only big streamer who still likes him

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I don’t think Keem would touch old logs of someone saying the n word considering his own past with racism.

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Yeah the faggot is trying to leech what’s left of Piss boi’s dead career, he was one of the first people to throw ice piss under the bus when his numbers started to slip https://streamable.com/tzwc9f

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He’s way bigger than Ice for sure but Mitch 100% view bots lol

His stats are super suspect just look at how his view count doesn’t change for hours https://twitchtracker.com/mitchjones/streams/41134099102

Compare that to any other streamers stats and their view count fluctuates constantly https://twitchtracker.com/greekgodx/streams/41122434062

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When did she say this ?

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She’s dates Destiny and is a sex streamer who still hasn’t got banned somehow

The laptop is the $1400 goal but she’s scamming viewers after she already got the laptop for free

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If you’re dumb enough to give away money you’d at least hope it’d go to a good cause instead of some scamming slut

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What a scumbag Imagine fucking a millionaire and still scamming kids for money during Christmas and a pandemic.

Report for sexual content here https://twitch.tv/melina

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And since then Mizkif has become a huge streamer and MitchJones has lost partnership and is hated by staff.

Soda is OG and has an old contract so that shit won’t effect him in negotiations but you’re delusional if you don’t think Twitch holds grudges against people who associate with Cx just look at Hyphonix he said “mongo” and got perma banned.

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