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yeah, lul. its cause pokimane tried to collab with her and then she found out grimoire was a mega white supremacist that loved to shout the n word

by fuhq__
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ip1 became a shithole long ago

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He gives off really bad vibes. Does he ever give back to the streamers whose content he reviews for most of his streams? He gets 100s every stream.

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Lmao so many negros spreading propganganda in the comments

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thanks for taking the time to do this. don't need one rn but thanks for the work

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That's Neanderthal Andy, he sniped Baked and is a member of Ip2.

He's also an albino Native American die hard Trump supporter who dyed his hair ginger.

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I wash alwaysh faightin' fyers ya reettahhhhrd!

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Oh, please. A severely depressed, drug-addicted, regretful man who was constantly saying he wanted to be with his wife "up there" at the turn of the new year. He was crying the whole night and just wanted some confirmation that he was loved. Chicken started celebrating and chanting that "we won't miss you" and "neither are we". Johnny loved Chicken like a brother and a best friend and poured this out to him. In response, Chicken called him an asshole. Johnny then said he loved him more than anything and said he'd do anything for him. Chicken pointed and laughed in his face and made a joke about Johnny's drug addiction and usage of methamphetamine.

This was a sad, parting moment, not just a one-off random joke. R.I.P. Johnny Boston.

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he is actually aware that there are two sites, but like most viewers and streamers, he much prefers ip2.network

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It's simple, IP2.network has a more complete streamer list and the reason it includes streamers makes for more sense.

IP2 is supposed to be about IRL and related streamers. IP2.online discards many notable streamers, like IJ Smokes who streams IRL almost every day and has met up with loads of other streamers in the community (Bjorn, Sicilian Andy, Sherwin, etc). On the other hand, Reformed Stoic went to the compound once and has 99.9% inside streams yet he is on IP2.online...

IP2.network is simply better. That's why it gets way more traffic than IP2.online and way more people use it. And it'll always be like this unless there is change.

IP2.network > IP2.online

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Merry Xmas from Philly (i'm giving out free blowies for the holiday!)

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actually looks alright lol

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