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100 upvotes is not much if you aren't a bot.

I'm still surprised you stupid cunts are still getting banned. Maybe don't doxx? The rules are so simple and loosely enforced as it is. 😂

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You think they don't save screenshots you dumb fuck?

And yeah, maybe not you in particular, and maybe I may disagree with the ban length, but honestly people that are crying about bans are usually full of shit in my experience. Especially when you try to act like you're so innocent and did nothing wrong, as if the mods would target you in particular for some reason.

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The rules are VERY simple. I haven't had a single person appeal their ban when it wasn't clear that they actually deserved it (when I asked the other mods for the reason why).

Schizo faggot.

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I mean you were mod for so long you could at least be more specific and I might take your opinion more seriously.

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The mod logs need to be public because posts that don't break any rules are regularly being removed.

I'm looking at the logs and I don't see that at all. Maybe a bunch of you retards are hitting the automod unintentionally.

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Honestly what conspiracies do you think are being hidden in the mod log? Seems pretty schizo.

You can literally tell when your posts get removed (and if you aren't a total retard then you'd know why) so it's not like some big conspiracy lmao. And the ban logs are in the sidebar.

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There is no pleasing you faggots honestly. There's always been a group of incessantly whining idiots since the Reddit days.

MUH MOD LOGS JFC they were public for months and there was no shady business. There's a public ban log on the side. Why do you even care?

And why do you care who is mod unless you're being actively censored? If there wasn't a bunch of fuckwits trying to fuck with the sub then we wouldn't need many mods at all. I remember on the Reddit sub, there wasn't a mod on for a mere hour and there was a bunch of Kimberlee doxx threads posted (and probably reported to the admins as a false flag).

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Show me proof faggot. Cause right now you just seem like a salty bitch.

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Ah soz I forgot.

Currently the mod logs is just people being banned for doxxing shit.


Is that a problem?

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Check mod logs. Submit a complaint if you feel it's incorrect.

Otherwise cope, seethe and dilate.

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Imagine joining that shit lmao

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