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It was amazin' to watch it all unfold. Needs to be clipped. Another one of those IP2 Loulz IRL content gold segments!

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Smart thing to let someone else cash them out so they couldn't tie it back to you and fire you+take the money back.

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He rigged the riggers, but in a good way.

Loulz said, "let me just gamble $20 I know what I'm doing". He put $20 in a slot machine, cashed it out right away without gambling (who does that?), went to another machine at the edge of the casino "this one," put his cashout ticket in, first gambled some money and lost, then pointed to the machine next to it and said with a raised voice "that one looks nicer" (code?) but didn't actually go to that "nicer" machine instead stayed at his current machine, started tapping on the touchscreen and activated some special mode, bet all his remaining money, won $700, then went to cash it out right away and quickly left before the eye in the sky noticed what just happened, turned his stream off shortly after.

He knew what he was doing indeed. Genius.

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FYI if this about Scottsdale cases, they "suppress" the public view of his case information because Scottsdale allows online motions to be filed and IP2 did just that which led to hours of manual work in the Scottsdale courthouse.

If this is about a federal case, I don't have any federal case number for him.

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Not sure why not in the LinkedIn but he did work for MayesTelles where he got legal experience.

OTOH he did go to "Arizona Summit Law", a "for-profit law school" where 94.8% of the students failed the AZ bar exam, the lowest bar passage rate in Arizona. In 2018, the school lost its accreditation and was evicted from its building due to failure to pay rent.

Also, I am concerned about this guy's Google reviews. They all 5 stars, written in the last month, sound fabricated, and all posted from accounts with just 1 review.

It's a mystery how Baked found this guy. I thought it was through legal aid but this guy doesn't seem to participate in that. I guess he's a personal friend or he was recommended by a mutual friend. Therefore seriously doubting the $100k, this guy doesn't have the record to justify that amount.

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Only in London? I heard bad things about Birmingham and Manchester, homie.

I guess Glasgow is fine, but then again, Scotland is basically drafting its independence from the UK just like the US did back in the days, so that's not going to last.

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Short recap: Guy has mental issues (yet was assessed and found fit to stand trial). In 2019, when he was 19, an older gay dude who runs a hair saloon took him into his home. What allegedly happened: older guy dude made sexual advances and the mental issues dude said "no" in his own special way by killing him.

What happened today on day 2 of this case: the prosecutor - not Debbie but a "special prosecutor" for this case - did a lousy job yesterday proving that he did it, basically she made a "1+1=3 argument" withs lots of missing bits and pieces. Additionally, a detective admitted he "forgot" to Miranda the guy when he interviewed him until the very end, something which the lawyer of mental issue guy is very aware of.

Jeffy reviewed everything from yesterday and told the prosecutor "if you got more proof I'll give you a chance to bring it to the court", aka judge speak for "you didn't prove anything, but we all know he did it so I'm going to give you another chance to do it right".

So she said "yes I've got more proof" and case has been adjourned until next week Tuesday so she can prepare it. Lawyer asked "what about the Miranda issues" and Jeffy said that it's a mess and he's likely going to exclude the interrogation of the detective from the evidence. So basically it's going to be all or nothing next week for the prosecutor.

She's lucky, Jeffy could've absolutely said "you didn't prove shit lady, and mr detective your interrogation is completely worthless, you both should've done a better job, mental issue guy you're now a free man".

Should've let Debbie handle it iso a "special prosecutor".

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Okay, who of you killed the cat 😡? That's a red line. Better come clean before we find out.

by tomjoad
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start's btw, sounds legit

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This case where Amy Lee Sheppard is the "special" prosecutor replacing Debbie needs more attention to IP2!! It's getting juicy!

If I understand well, older gay man running hair salon took high school boy (19 yrs at the time) with mental issues in his house, must've made advances on the kid, kid killed man.

He doesn't look like it now, but when he was booked, the kid looked a lot like Nikolas Cruz (Parkland high school killer) including fake hair color.

They're going over every detail. They just showed "evidence" jogging pants with cum stains. Judge Jeffy already said he will schedule tomorrow morning to continue if they can't finish today.

Cop already said he didn't Miranda the kid lol.

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In session with his biggest case of the trimester, a homicide. Rightfully on top of IP2.online.

No Debbie tho given that they hired a "special" prosecutor to handle this case.

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The judge should've told the Supreme Court, "I'm not packing my stuff for you, you stupid motherfucker".

Anyway, between the lines of what he said today, it is clear that Buttfucker 3000, the Coby Harris saga, the folks dialing in while driving their car without a license, is, in fact, the actual reason he stopped.

It's not so much what the Supreme Court said - there's another judge in the same building as Middleton that keeps streaming - it's because he is concerned with the public reputation that his county is getting from these streams as if it is full with stupid people, while in reality, most folks in his court are normal it's just the nutjobs that go viral and get all the attention. There were also people in his county that started pointing that out to him. He just loves his county too much for that.

Buttfucker 3000 was the nail in the coffin, but it was bound to happen anyway. He surely will be missed. I was happy to hear that many law students and law schools actually watched him; I hope they took note of the example he set. We absolutely need more Jeffys in our judicial system.

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This guy carries a lot of baggage. He'll be 39 this year, although he looks younger. He's been active on YT long before IP2 and did have a "wild" phase in his life - that's where the subs come from - but he has settled down. He does actually live off YT money right now, many of his past videos still generate a surprising amount of views.

Regarding the question if he should be removed, I'm not sure, and I'm not sure if Dro himself knows. You may disagree, but he actually did earn his place on IP2 back in the time more than some other streamers; he's been around longer than most of us, he met Ice and whatnot. He was on RV6 and did generate content there with his brake check. The interview between Blade and Chris Hansen, with the Bjorn cameos, was in his house.

Last I heard Baked/Loulz, they said they didn't hold any hard feelings against Dro in any way. My opinion would be to keep him on, but he should at least meet other IP2 streamers once a year because somehow that tends to lead to defining moments in IP2 history. As he demonstrated already, he's willing to help/assist IP2 streamers when needed, although it usually ends in a lot of shit-talking.

Maybe we should ask Dro himself if he still wants to be on.

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SPOILER: ORIGINS OF SMOOTH SANCHEZ REVEALED. "Sanchez saw a psychiatrist and was on medication at one point. Counseling was disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic — and the Smooth Sanchez persona emerged."

Anyway, he was released on $10k bail and a long list of conditions a week ago on May 7.

A protective order AND the transcript of what the judge said has been filed on PACER since then, if anyone has access feel free. Case number 1:21-cr-00269

Concerning the NYC macing cases: next appearance on June 1

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I love my boy Woozuh; he's a real one, but he needs to be taught a thing or two about talking to the cops.

Lesson 1: don't talk more than necessary. The cop presented himself ALONE (buddy probably in the car), meaning they considered this as just a low-priority noise complaint. So you just say, "yes officer, I understand, we'll turn down the volume, thank you" and you close the door (triple-check it's closed). You don't start talking stories about YouTube streamers and swatting and whatnot, remember the cop's mind is trained to just hear "swatting" without the context, that's how things unnecessarily escalate.

Note: as soon as you're arrested/miranda'd this all goes out of the window and you don't tell them anything anymore, your lawyer will appreciate you made his job 10 times easier.

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#6 was an absolute asshole, had threatened Sanchez first, and totally deserved it. #7 was also a prick but didn't deserve to be maced as much.

#4 (Frenchie) remains a person of interest. Frenchie never pressed charges and Sanchez never got arrested for that one. However, I'm convinced he's the guy behind the two revenge attacks on Sanchez. Frenchies find justice their own way.

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NEW FEDERAL CASE NUMBER 1:21-cr-00269 United States v. Sanchez (S.D.N.Y. 2021)

New Document: Letter dated April 29, 2021 from Sanchez (via attorney) to appeal the detention order and requesting bail.

New Document: Letter dated May 5, 2021 from United States Attorney in opposition to the bail application. 15 pages of what Sanchez all did wrong. "The Court should deny Sanchez's application."

May 6 court minutes: BAIL GRANTED $10,000 bond. Conditions are above.

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Loulz really deserves more appreciation. He's one of the few IP2 streamers with an IQ above 100, although that goes out of the window when he's drunk, which results in epic streams.

When he's not drunk he develops a donation platform for IP2 that could very well be the thing that keeps IP2 alive one day. It makes us less dependent on Streamlabs and other corporate shills that will close IP2 accounts out of fear for SJWs and dems.

He also sets up these patches to courtrooms to stream court sessions with IP2 streamers, which isn't too hard to do but still out of the reach of the tech skills of most streamers. And he's often the first to report new information/news about IP2 streamers which usually turns out to be true.

He also has a cute white cat. Very white.

So yeah, I do think he's been a good asset, in his own way, in the relatively short time he's been with us.

Then again if he's really with the feds this would all be genius and Loulz will be the one promoted when IP2 gets seized and everyone arrested.

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Wdym homie it was at 9 AM it already finished when you posted this.

Matter was heard, an amended criminal complaint was filed, it will be continued for negotiations in two weeks (May 17).

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AFAIK the journalist of that most recent article called his lawyer and that's how they got aware of where he is housed, so I'm pretty confident, especially with the phone call confirming his record. But for ultimate confirmation, we could ask our NYC liaison (or NJ liaison) to go there. u/Therightstuff

Apparently, there is a TouchPay kiosk in the visitor lobby where you can put money in. The lady on the phone said you can use that to donate to Sanchez (need his full name and ID number). Given that it claims that the money will be available "instantly" in the inmate's account, I'm pretty sure the kiosk will validate the inmate information with the internal computer system before taking any money, and then it's up to the liaison to put money in or no.

Should verify what hours the visitor lobby is open, as it's going to be restricted.

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