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Doubt it, this guy loves himself a bit too much, he probably jerks off in the mirror.

Then again, he is a dumb-fuck so he might be capable of doing something like that.

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He should've written "RIP my career"

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That's a 6foot+ man

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When you apply for welfare, you have to do so with the intention of getting a job.

They will ask you to go to school to study something specific, be it English, a trade, waitering, cooking etc. and you will get welfare for that period of time.

That's what Bjorn did. I doubt he can learn anything at his age and level of brain damage.

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Only virgins would be impressed by what Atilla did, wow... he fucked a double digit iq drugged/drunk/passed out woman, amazing

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This shows the average IQ in IP2 is like 50.

Slovenia is a white country, and it's not even in eastern Europe, it's near Austria, you dumb fucks.

As if any white girl is "pure" in USA lol, y'all mixed with all the races.

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A fag and a gypsy, the 2 things Hitler hated most.

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When Hampton did IRL crazy shit for content, he came across as genuine because he lived that life for a while, even though he did things out of his character for content.

When this clown does it, it feels so forced. Content king my ass, any idiot can go in public and harass others.

But what happens when you get confronted? Do you.

a) Mace them and run away (if fail to mace, get beaten)

b) Stand your ground and fight.

Which Brandon did b) multiple times. He did run that time with the chair but let's be real, chairs hurt. (that car hurt more tho lmao)

Hampton was tall and imposing as a character, even if he was skinny. This dude comes across as like a middle-school kid with a big mouth.

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These retards don't know the line between harassing people, which is what Sanchez does and actually having fun.

What happened yday was nothing, he should have his head stomped in for some of the shit he did. And it will happen, trust me, it will 100%.

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You think he's intelligent? Lmao, you're retarded then. Catboykami is a dumb motherfucker.

Like I said before, search on Youtube Catboykami vs Destiny and enjoy. You will maybe realize then how dumb he is.

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He looks like a gypsy you mean, which is a minority in Romania. Dumb fuck.

Most Romanians I met look nothing like that, they had blue eyes and were white.

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If you're gonna push a nazi/white nationalism agenda, at least be white. Hitler put gypsies in the same boat as jews.

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Gypsies are the niggers of Europe.

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He's gonna be a boring normie.

You really think he's gonna have the same content as back then? Lmao. Y'all some dumb delusional motherfuckers.

Brandon and all the streamers have stopped doing edgy content because it's not worth ruining your life over 2$ donos. This dude went to prison for a small donation lmao

He 100% will not have TTS and his content is 100% gonna be normie boring shit.

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That has nothing to do with IQ

You think highly intelligent people don't kill for whatever reasons? lol.

Again, he's dumb and there's bigger real issues that he could tackle but he's too much of a pussy. You think the issue in USA is black people???

Black people integrate relatively well in society, the real issue are Muslims and the Islamic religion. But he is too much of a pussy to talk about that as much.

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I thought this guy was a meme, but he actually believes the shit he says? Lmao.

He is one dumb motherfucker, all you need to do is go to Youtube and put in "Destiny vs Catboykami" and enjoy.

I wouldn't be surprised if he has 2 digit IQ. He also is unaware the situation he's putting himself in. It's one thing to stay in Australia and spew this shit but to come to US? Where you can get killed for 1000x less? Hah.